The Universal Reformed Christian Church (URCC) is the proprietor of University of Mkar; Mkar a Faith based University situated in Benue State, Nigeria. Its core mandate was primarily to evangelize the Tiv nation and other parts of Nigeria. However with time, education, health care delivery and agricultural development initiatives were incorporated as vital components of their evangelical mission.
Mkar town has played host to many schools established by the Universal Reformed Christian church, including the first Teachers Training College in the North Central Nigeria and later the Institute of Christian and Management Studies (ICMS).
The desire to evangelize the Nigerian society and the rest of the world with the instrumentality of University education using the campus as a mission field informed the establishment of the University of Mkar by June, 2005 when the National Universities Commission (NUC) issued the URCC a license for the institution.

Consequently the proprietor of the University of Mkar mobilized for the take off of the institution and today, the University is neck deep in the business of the breeding agents of change for the society, the church and the academy who upon graduation are released like divine arrows to specific sectors of the nation’s economy to drive home the expected change.